Scoil Bhríde - Kilcullen, Co. Kildare

“Ar aghaidh linn le chéile” 

On behalf of the Board of Management, staff, parents and pupils, I warmly welcome you to our school website. We are a Catholic primary school with a special unit for children with autism. We continually strive to provide a caring, happy and secure learning environment, where the intellectual, spiritual, physical, moral and cultural needs of our pupils are identified and addressed.. There is also a wonderful sense of community evident in our school and it is the vitality of staff and students and the support of parents that makes Scoil Bhríde Kilcullen truly unique. I hope you enjoy learning about our school and are encouraged to continue visiting both our school and our website.

Le gach dea-ghuí, 

Anne Flanagan, Principal

Feeling the love in Scoil Bhríde!

Success at the Credit Union Quiz

Internet Safety Day - February 6th 2018

There are further resources available on our Promoting Friendship page. This includes the most up-to-date Internet Safety Guide from ZEEKO which empowers children to protect themselves through education.

Dr Marina Everri, Head of Research at Zeeko recommends that children’s VIRTUAL WORLD FRIENDS are their REAL WORLD FRIENDS: Children should only connect with people they know in the real world first e.g. brother, sister, someone from school, where they live etc.
Parents should discuss with their children who they are connected with online. Parents should become curious of what their children do and what their children’s interests are. Parents will never know everything. It is important to respect children’s privacy because this supports a reciprocal trust. Take the opportunity to engage in discussions with your children starting from the hints/ ideas they tell you.

Here in Scoil Bhríde we strive to ensure the safety of our pupils and are particularly conscious of the dangers of the internet these days. February 6th is Internet Safety Day which is an EU wide initiative that promotes a safer internet for all users, especially young people. This year, ZEEKO, an Irish company that teaches internet safety, recently surveyed 3,590 boys and 4,173 girls in Irish Primary Schools from September 2017 to January 2018. Here is what they found:

  • MORE BOYS THAN GIRLS speak with strangers online, 27% of boys vs 11% of girls.
  • THE ISSUE IS BIGGER THAN SMART PHONES: A large proportion of children are speaking with strangers online with a device other than a smart phone. 43% do not use a Smart Phone to speak with a stranger online. Smart phones, iPods and Tablets have the same capability and the same risk.
  • MINORITY OF CHILDREN DO NOT SEE THE RISK: 27% of Primary school children think it is ‘not serious at all’ or ‘kind of serious’ to talk to a stranger online.
  • MORE OLDER THAN YOUNGER CHILDREN speak with strangers online, 27% of 6th class vs 12% of 2nd class.
  • VERY SMALL USAGE OF KIK: 2 out of 7,763 Primary school children reported using KIK.

Tesco tokens for our ASD Unit

Tesco in Newbridge have included our ASD unit in their community fund programme. Every time you shop in Tesco you receive blue tokens and we would be delighted if you could support our ASD children by droppng the tokens into the funnel located at the doors of Tesco. Alternatively, you can drop them into the office and we will pput them in for you. This will go towards funding the necessary upgrade of resources in Sonas.

Artists working together in Ladybird!

A Visit from the Guard

Our Junior and Senior Infants were learning all about people at work and were delighted to see the guard come to our school. He taught us all about how they catch the bad guys and showed us his handcuffs. He even let some of us try on his hat and coat!

10 @ 10 Time Again!

We really enjoyed the [email protected] initiative last year and we are getting ready to complete it again as a whole school. Why don't you get active too and get involved?! Here is the link to the RTE videos to help you get started!

Coding in Sixth Class

Tomas and Conor visited our school to give the sixth class students a hand with learning to code. Some students had experience with this fun and exciting tool as they created their very own Minecraft games using The Department of Education have stated that coding will form part of their Junior Cert and Leaving Cert programmes with additional provision being made to primary schools in this area. While it is not a subject just yet, it is most certainly on the way so it was fantastic for our students to have a chance to engage with coding. The programme used by Conor and Tomas was free and available to all on so don't be surprised if you see our sixth class students practising it a little more at home!

January Newsletter

Click on the Newsletter image for full details.

Station Teaching in Our School

When your children tell you about their day at school, you may hear them mention maths or literacy stations, ready set go and DLP (Differentiated Literacy Programme) groups. We have included these activities for the past number of years and have refined and improved our approaches along the way. We find that breaking children into smaller groups with the support of additional teachers and assistants really benefits all the children in the classroom. There are usually four groups and everyone has a turn at four activities on a rotational basis. A teacher is there to explain/guide the children through each activity. The students really focus and work hard - possibly because a teacher is sitting at the table but generally, it is because they like the games and activites that are provided. They get to "play" with concrete materials and feel more comfortable to ask questions in a small group situation rather than in front of the whole class.

Under 11 Girls Gaelic Football Team

The U11 Girls Gaelic Football Team for the school had a fantastic season writes Jenna Hegarty and Kaelah Taaffe. We first played Ballymany and we only just beat them. Luckily that match was a home game. Our second match was against Monasterevin and we beat them. This match was away and we were on a winning streak now. A week later we played Kildare Town. We knew that they would be tough but we gladly beat them,this was also a home game on our school pitch.  We played Kill, this match was away.We came home after this match victorious and keeping our winnng streak alive which meant that we had not lost a game yet but were still training hard to try and beat Clane the best team in the league. The day finally came and we felt ready to take them on. Once again we came home victorious and beat them by only a goal. This meant we were through to the semi-final. We were all estatic.    It was the day before the semi-final. The team was picked, the coaches were ready, we were ready it was time to go into battle. It was the next day, the day of the semi-finals. We were ready to take on Monasterevin for the second time. We were all very nervous thinking about reaching the final. We were all absolutely delighted to beat this amazing team. This meant that we were one step closer to be coming county champions.    A few days before the final we figured out that we were playing Ballymany. We were so nervous and feeling the pressure and it was still 3 days before the final. It was the day of our final and our captain was chosen. It was Zara Hurley  and Jenna Hegarty as our co-captain. We had amazing supporters and we were super excited to just be crowned county champions yet again .

The Life of an Irish Dancer

Hi, I’m Sinead Moran. I am 12 years old and I enjoy competitive Irish Dancing. I started when I was six years old. I was in Senior Infants. I just started because my mammy said that there was classes in the local school.
For the first three years that I did Irish Dancing, I kind of just hopped around the place and just went for fun and to see my friends. I didn’t take it seriously at all.
In the fourth year that I did Irish Dancing, I started to show interest in doing feises. I asked my mammy if I could do a one. She said that she would talk to my teacher and see what she said. So she did. My teacher said that I could. I did a few but I just needed a bit more work. So my teacher said that if I wanted to see better results that maybe I should start doing more than one class a week. I started to do several classes a week and I saw results. That year I got a new costume. Also that year I did teams at the Leinster Championships. We didn’t place but it was a great experience.
In the fifth year of Irish Dancing I achieved a lot. I did a lot of feises and shows that were really fun. That year I got another new costume. It was pink and white. I loved it so much. That year I did Leinster solos for the first time U11. I did well considering it was my first year.
In the sixth year of Irish Dancing a lot happened. So first, in January I got a picture with Sean Mortalo [World Champion.] In February I competed in the South Leinster’s. This was a team competition. We did really well. In March my dance school and I went to Vermont for St Patrick's Day. My teachers brother owned the Summit Lodge so we stayed there because he was having an Irish festival there.[That’s where we danced.] In April I tore my hamstring. I missed all of the feises from then until now and the All Ireland’s. It was really upsetting but I was still able to do one team dance but I just couldn’t to solos. It was really hard to see and watch but everything happens for a reason so I just kept thinking that and that I’ll be back fiercer than ever for the Leinster’s. I am doing my first feis back in two weeks and I can’t wait. It will be my first solo feis since the 30th of March. Two weeks later is the Leinster’s. My goal is to just do my best because I still only have about 50 percent of my flexibility back so I just need to keep working and just hope that I will have 100 percent flexibility by then.
I competed in the Leinsters this year in team and solo dancing. In my solo dancing I got 4th in both solos and 10th in the prelim championship. I got 3rd in my 2 hand with Elaine Birchall and then the next day we did it u15 and ended getting 5th.
After the Leinsters 2017 I decided that it was time to move on. It was a very emotional decision that took us months to decide. It was really hard to leave all of my friends but I knew that I would make new friends. I moved to Scoil Rince Chill Dara [SRCD] They are a very well known and established school in Kildare who are extremely successful. They have won countless South Leinster, leinsters, All Ireland and World Championship Titles.  They took home over 400 WORLD MEDALS in just 2017. They won 6 world titles this year. My teachers names are Carmel, Alan, Nichola and Nick. The studio is based in Toughers. I would highly recommend going there.

Thank You For Reading And I Hope That You Enjoyed It!

Fifth Class Trip to Blessington

Last term, our fifth class students visited Blessington as part of their local studies projects. This was a fantastic day for everyone as the students investigated plants, foliage, trees and marine life in the lake. It was particularly nice to take the knowledge gathered in the classroom and apply it to the natural areas that are on our doorstep. Any day that also ends in a trip to a playground is a good day as you can see from the pictures!

Our Exciting Carol Service

Our traditional carol service was held on the day of the Christmas holidays and it is always very exciting start to the Christmas holidays. We have lots of prayers and readings as well as singing hymns and Christmas songs. We are also very lucky that Santa sometimes pops in to say hello! 

Pictures from our Christmas Plays

The Winter League
By Finn & Ben 6th Class Willow 

The Winter League
By Finn & Ben 6th Class Willow 

We started our annual Winter League a number of weeks ago. The teachers involved are Mr Lloyd, Mr O'Connor, Mr O'Connor (Kerry) Mr O Raoghaill, Mr. Eliffe and our caretaker Joe Kennedy. The captains are Finn Cowper Gray, Paddy Taylor, Daniel Barrs, Sam Kelly Darragh Coughlan and Adam England. All the captains are from 6th class. 

This year we named our teams after some inter county teams. We have Galway, Mayo, Kerry, Dublin, Tyrone and Kildare. We play the Winter League each Friday for seven weeks after mid term. There are five rounds before the top four reach semi finals. The final is played in front of the school on the last week before our holidays. 

In the league the rules are one hop, one solo and punched points. It's a minute in the sin bin for back chat or rough play. 
A win is 2 points a draw is 1 point and a loss is 0 points. It is a great opportunity to play competitive games which are also fun with all our classmates. 

Our School choir on KFM

Broadcast Times are as follows:

  • Friday 8th Dec, 16.45, Hark the Herald
  • Monday 11th Dec, 8.45, Somewhere Only We Know
  • Wednesday 13th Dec, 10.45, Away in a Manger & Silent Night (medley)

Come see our Crib in the Senior Hall...

Aistear in Junior Infants

Aistear is the best time, 

for I play and make and do,

I learn with my new friends,

I use my imagination too.

During Aistear,

I am as busy as a bee,

I am as smart as a fox,

I'm as happy as can be!

Well Being Week

Well Being week encouraged both the staff and students to recognise the importance of mental health and to take time to relax, talk about our feelings and to find ways to cope with aspects of daily life that are challenging or stressful. All the classes completed activities such as mindfulness, yoga, quite time, super troopers, tea parties and teddy bear picnics. We also recommend websites such as and as they have some excellent activities that only take a few minutes to complete but positively contribute to improving your day - after all we all need a break sometimes and it is important to listen to our bodies and to take those breaks when needed. Here are some pictures of our Junior Infants playing together at the Teddy Bear's Picnic which helped the children develop friendships in a fun way.

Scoil Bhríde's budding mathematicians 

In Junior Infants, the children complete station teaching activities called "Ready, Set, Go" Maths. This involves the class teacher and support teachers coming together and dividing the class into small groups to "play" different activities. This process allows the teachers to demonstrate concepts easily to small groups and the children love "playtime" with teacher.  The children really enjoy the games and activities as you can see from this activity where they learned about shapes, copying patterns, worked with partners and listened to instructions. 

Scoil Bhríde has the "KFM Factor"

The children of Scoil Bhríde Choir were buzzing yesterday following their performance for KFM’s Christmas Programme. Clem Ryan and his assistant Dymphna came to record the choir with their renditions of “Hark the Herald”, “Away in a Manger”, “Silent Night” and “Somewhere Only we Know”. They were very impressed with the performance and agreed that they definitely had the “KFM Factor”. Broadcast times will be circulated to us next week – from December 8th and will be included on their Schools Broadcast Programme on Christmas Day. Click on the YouTube link to hear their excellent performance.

Christmas Fair

Remember to come visit our Christmas Fair on Sunday 3rd December in Scoil Bhríde from 12.00 to 2.30 p.m. Santa will visit, there’s a Monster Raffle, Craft stalls, Cake Sale & the Scoil Bhríde Choir will be singing.

It's that time of year again...time for the Christmas Concerts!

Christmas concerts will be held on the following dates and times in the Main Hall in the new building.

Monday 18th December - 

  • 1:00 p.m. Butterfly - Ms O’ Driscoll & Daisy – Ms Lucey
  • 2:00pm Heather – Mr O Reilly
  • 2.20pm Performance from Trad Group

Tuesday 19th December

  • 1.00 p.m. Ladybird - Ms Ryan & Primrose - Ms Kenny
  • 2:oopm Rabbit – Ms Walsh

Wednesday 20th December - 

  • 1:00 p.m. Bumblebee -Ms O Gorman & Bluebell – Ms Clifford
  • 2:00 p.m. Fox – Ms Mc Nairney
  • 7:oo p.m. Wren- Ms Humphreys

All parents and family members are invited to view their child’s performances. As we are using the main Hall in the new building, we ask that all parents are in their seats by 12.45 p.m. and stay for the 2 lunchtime shows.

The standard as always I’m sure will be excellent and we hope you enjoy the shows.

6th Class visit Castlemartin House

On Friday the 24th of November the 6th class children were given a tour of Castlemartin House and grounds. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Jim Kelly was our guide for the day. He told us all about the history of the grounds and all their plans for future developments on the 800 acres. We were taken along the Laurel Walk and saw a ‘Bug Hotel’, horses, the river Liffey, different trees, the ice house, the herb garden, the orchard, the stables and the underground well. We also went into the church which Jim told us had been rebuilt using traditional wooden pegs instead of nails to hold up the roof and it now has underground heating. We learned a lot about our local history and the flora and fauna in the area.

6th Class Bake Off!

All three 6th classes have been busy in the kitchen this term! They are all participating in our 6th Class Bake-Off! There has been an extremely high standard of cakes, buns and pies! We have had great fun preparing, presenting and tasting! Bake-Off finals are running this week so well done to all involved!

Success in the REELLIFE Science Competition

Some of our Sixth Class students took part in this Science Initiative in which students make an engaging and educational three minute video informing people on a Scientific subject of their choice.

Ms O' Keeffe's class submitted videos on topics that included ‘Design Your Future‘, ‘Healing the Body‘, ‘How Things Work‘, ‘Incredible Life‘, ‘Our Amazing Planet‘, ‘Science and Me‘, ‘Science in Space‘ and ‘The Power of Science‘. All students enjoyed this fun an engaging activity and in addition, four of our students made it through to the second round. Well done boys and to all our budding scientists!

Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent-Teacher meetings will be held on November 15th 2017 and teachers are available to discuss your child's progress. Ten minutes is the generally allocated time but if parents required a longer meeting, they were encouraged to make a further appointment. All meetings are held in the teacher's classroom unless otherwise notified. It is important that all parents meet their child’s teacher to discuss progress, concerns so if you have not arranged a time, please do so at your earliest convenience.

Road Safety

As the evenings are much darker at this time of year, we are particularly mindful of encouraging all students to be safe and be seen when they are out walking or cycling. Learning good road safety habits at an early age is vitally important and wearing bright or reflective clothing makes it easier for motorists to see you. To test your knowledge, take the road safety quiz  and watch the Safe Cross Code dance.

Team Hope Collection

The families of Scoil Bhride Kilcullen have always donated generously to the Team Hope Christmas Shoe box Appeal and this year the boxes are piled higher than ever before. The process involves filling a shoe box with small gifts for some of the world's most vulnerable children - many of whom will receive no other gift this Christmas. Further details are available on and leaflets/labels are available in the school lobby.

Gaelic Winter League

The teams have been selected and we are all set for another Gaelic Winter League amongst the boys from 5th and 6th class. Have a look at the team photos here. We hope you enjoy this much anticipated event over the coming weeks.

Our Annual Witches Walk

Check out the wild, wonderful and very clever costumes on our students this year! Children from all classes dressed to impress and had a lovely time during our traditional Witches Walk. This year all monies raised supported our local GAA club. The children also had an extra special treat this year as our Lip Sync stars - Team Top Class - performed their dances for all the children in the school hall. It was a lovely way to finish the half term and everyone enjoyed the day.

October Newsletter

Meet our 2017 School Choir

There has always been huge interest in taking part in the school choir and we are delighted to see so many children get involved again this year. With the help of Ms Nolan and Ms Clifford these students will perform at Peace Proms, Christmas shows, school events and are regularly asked to perform at community events such as the Enterprising Town Initiative and the Christmas Fair. 

Maths Week

Maths week took place from October 14th-22nd and the students of Scoil Bhríde didn't miss out as there were lots of fun games and activities played in each class. Our fourth class students had a quiz while senior classes had puzzles to solve that were challenging but enjoyable. This week provides an extra opportunity for children to develop their problem solving and reasoning skills and also it also contributes to developing a positive attitude towards Maths.

Opening School Mass

Our opening school mass took place on Thursday 28th of September. All our pupils and staff gathered in the hall and Fr Harte reminded us to be kind to one another and to work hard during the coming year.

September Newsletter

Our September Newsletter was sent out on Monday 25th of September. There is lots of information on upcoming events in the school as well as advice on school lunches information on after schools activities. Click here or on the picture to view the full document.


Friendship Week

Friendship week always takes place in September and we like to focus on a positive statement of "Friendship" rather than "Anti-bullying". This week all classes will engage in lessons that encouraged the children to promote tolerance, friendship and forgiveness. Friendship week has proved very beneficial in previous years, in particular at this stage of the year. For advice on promoting friendship and on preventing cyber bullying and internet safety click here.

After Schools Activities

Click on the picture or here to find information on the activities offered in our school by private operators. Please contact the providers directly, not through the school office.

Welcome back to school everyone!

We are delighted to be back in school and are well rested after our lovely summer holidays. We hope everyone is settling in to their new classes and are excited for the year ahead. A special welcome goes to our Junior Infants- have a look at the video and you will see their happy faces as they begin their journey in Scoil Bhríde Kilcullen. We hope you have many happy years here filled with learning, friendships and happy days of fun and laughter.